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14th International Calreticulin Workshop

“ER homeostasis – from molecules to organisms”

May 9th – 12th, 2023 — Saint-Malo, France


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History of the Workshop

The Calreticulin Workshop grew out of an informal scientific meeting held in 1994 in Banff (Alberta, Canada), attended by researchers working on diverse biological questions and model systems. The workshop has since been held in Canada, Chile, Denmark, Italy, Switzerland, UK, USA, Greece and now France in Brittany. Each conference attracts around 100 participants, both trainees and international scientific leaders. By now, the International Calreticulin Workshop (ICW) has evolved into a major international meeting for information exchange between world leading scientists working on the ER chaperones, protein folding diseases, cellular signaling and calcium homeostasis. In recent years, the ICW has witnessed remarkable progress towards the understanding of the biology of intracellular membranes, calcium signaling and cellular stress coping strategies.

Objectives of the Workshop

To discuss ideas and exchange current scientific knowledge freely; to bring together French scientists and internationally recognized experts in the area of protein folding, Ca2+ homeostasis and their implication to human diseases, who use the most diverse state-of-the-art approaches in their studies; to provide young scientists from related fields the opportunity to interact, intensively but in a relaxed environment, with the most experienced researchers in many related fields; to advance our understanding of the role of the quality control of the protein secretory pathway, ER chaperones, calreticulin and calnexin in health and disease including emphasis on cardiovascular health, cancer, wound healing, autoimmunity, the pathology of protein folding diseases, congenital diseases, and metabolic disorders


Knowledge exchange, outcomes and dissemination

The openness of the planning process has been increased with the construction of an e-mail list that now includes approximately 400 researchers, based on their attendance at previous conferences, or their stated interest in participating in the upcoming Workshop. A special effort will be made to attract young investigators, inviting them to present posters or short talks at the conference. We will encourage the presentation of late breaking new results, a frank exchange of opinions and intense discussion in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. In order to communicate the research emanating from this workshop to the widest audience, one anticipates to publish a meeting report (organizers are editors or in the board of journals such as FEBSJ, Traffic and Journal of Molecular and Cellular Medicine). Furthermore, all of the abstracts submitted to the meeting will be printed in an Abstract eBooklet that will be distributed to registrants and posted online.

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