Open positions

Here you will find current positions availaible in the OSS unit

Master 2 internship : Development of a preclinical model of Her2+ breast cancer brain metastasis.

Under the supervision of Drs  Le Gallo (Inserm U1242) & Jarry (Oncotrial) the M2 intern will participate in the development of a preclinical mouse model of breast cancer brain metastasis.

Brain metastasis affects 7-11% of Her2+ breast cancer at diagnosis and is the most frequent metastasis site for this type of tumor.

The two teams have developed expertise in this type of murine model from previous collaborative work on other subtypes of breast tumors. The candidate will have to modulate the expression of Her2 in a murine luminescent breast cancer cell line.  The project will require the implementation of various techniques including gene editing using CRISPR-Cas9, cell sorting, immune phenotyping, bioluminescence imaging of live animals, histopathology, and transcriptome analysis depending on the project’s progress.

The candidate will primarily work in the Inserm labbut some of the experiments will be performed in Oncotrial.

For further inquiries on the project please contact Drs Ulrich Jarry and Matthieu Le Gallo: matthieu.legallo(at)

Master 2 internship : Regulation of Death Receptor signalling by UFMylation in cancer cells.

Death Receptor (DR), including CD95 and TRAIL-R1/2, are key regulators of tumour progression through their ability to drive cell death and non-cytotoxic cellular outcomes. Recent studies have highlighted ubiquitination events as crucial controllers of DR-signalling cellular outcomes. We have recently identified that UFL1, the E3-ligase for the ubiquitin-like modification UFM1, regulates TRAIL- and CD95L-induced cell death as well as non-cytotoxic signalling in triple-negative breast cancer cells.

Interestingly, our results indicate that UFL1 controls early events (within the first hour of stimulation) of DR signalling. The aim of the internship is to further decipher the molecular mechanism underlying UFL1’s early role in DR signalling, in particular regarding trafficking of DR and the formation of DR-associated signalling platforms. The internship will involve biochemistry, cell biology and molecular biology techniques (cell culture, western blot, pull-down/immunoprecipitation, flow cytometry, microscopy).

Scientific words: Death Receptor, TRAIL, CD95L, Breast cancer, UFMylation, Post-translational modifications

Technical words: Western blot, fluorescence microscopy, flow cytometry, cell culture, immunoprecipitation

For further inquiries on the project please contact Dr Elodie Lafont: elodie.lafont(at)