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Patrick Legembre

Research Director Inserm

Short Bio: 2002-2005: As a Post-Doctoral Research Associate, I joined Marcus Peter’s laboratory at the University of Chicago, where we established that engagement of CD95 in malignant cells resistant to the CD95-mediated apoptotic signal triggers non-apoptotic signalling pathways such as NFκB and MAPK (EMBO reports, 2004; EMBO J., 2004). This study drew attention to the potential pro-oncogenic role of CD95.

2005-2009: as a Principal Investigator in the laboratory of Prof. Jean-François Moreau (University of Bordeaux-2, France), we discovered that the redistribution of CD95 into lipid rafts promotes the initial steps of apoptotic signaling (Cell Death and Diff., 2002, Mol. Cell Biol., 2005 and J Immunol., 2006).

Since 2010, as leader of the “Death Receptors & Tumor Escape” (DR@TE) Team (University of Rennes-1, France), we demonstrated that in contrast to membrane-bound CD95L, metalloprotease-cleaved CD95L (cl-CD95L) participates in the progression of i) lupus disease by promoting accumulation of activated T lymphocytes in damaged organs (PLoS Biology, 2011) and ii) triple negative breast cancers by enhancing cell migration of tumor cells (Cancer Res, 2013). In parallel, DR@TE Team dissected the rapid and transient anti-apoptotic role of Ca2+ in the initial steps of CD95 signalling (PNAS, 2011). Overall, these findings revisit the role of CD95 as a death receptor and bring to light its participation in promoting chronic inflammatory disorders.

Since January 2015, we created INSERM OSS lab at the CLCC Eugène Marquis, University of Rennes 1, Rennes.


Jean Levêque

PU-PH, HDR, CHU Rennes/CLCC Eugène Marquis

Short Bio: Head of the gynecological service of Rennes CHU – Surgeon of the oncological surgical unit of the Rennes CLCC – Faculty member of the "UFR Médecine" of Rennes 1 University.

MD: 1989
Ph-D: 1999

Research Themes: breast cancer, pelvic cancer


Laure Debure

Associate Professor, University of Rennes 1

Short Bio:
1994-1996: Lecturer and Research Assistant in University of Rennes-1.

1996: Associate Professor of animal physiology of University of Rennes 1, CNRS UMR 6026.

1999-2008: I worked in the team of Pr. Denis Michel in UMR 6026 on clusterin, a secreted chaperone that accumulates during cellular stress. We demonstrated that its intracellular localization could trigger apoptosis in relation with its strong aggregative property (Debure et al., J. Cell Science, 2003).

At the end of 2008, I joined EA SERAIC and since 2010, I study the role of cleaved-CD95L in breast cancer cells.

Since 2012: Elected member of the board of directors of University of Rennes-1. Member of the finance committee and of the disciplinary


Vincent Lavoué

PU-PH, HDR, CHU/CLCC Eugène Marquis

Short Bio:
2001-2006: Gynecologist Internship, Teaching Rennes Hospital, France

2006-2009: Clinical Fellow Ship, Teaching Rennes Hospital, France

2009-2012: PhD Student, Rennes University, France (I studied how immunosuppressive microenvironment of ovarian cancer alleviate cytotoxic functions of Vgamma9Vdelta2 T cells)

2013: Post-Doctoral Research Associate, X chromosome and Cancer, McGill University, Montreal, Canada (I studied how FoxP3 gene expression in ovarian cancer cells correlates with apoptotic response to chemotherapeutic agents)

Since 2014: oncologist surgeon in gynecology surgery department (Rennes Teaching Hospital) and breast surgery department (CLCC Eugène Marquis) and researcher in INSERM OSS lab

Research Themes: ovarian cancer


Brigitte Collet

Engineer, CLCC

Project: //

Short Bio: CLCC Engineer in Cell biology. I worked in Nuclear Medicine Department (Topic: Scintigraphy detection of inflammatory and tumor foci), Clinical Department (Topic: p53 role in squamous cell carcinoma of the oesophagus), Immunotherapy Unit (Topic: tumor-associated antigens expression in melanoma and glioblastoma patients) and Proteomic Unit (Topic: proteomic analysis in glioblastoma cells).

Since 2015, I joined the team to study CD95-mediated signaling pathway.

Ph.D: 1982

Research Themes: //


Emna Mahfoudhi


Project: //

Short Bio: 2011-2015: PhD student in U1170 « Hématopoïèse normale et pathologique » laboratory at Gustave Roussy Cancer Campus, Villejuif (Université Paris Sud). I worked in the role of TET2 and P53, two tumor suppressors, in a hematopoietic context. We have shown that 5-hydroxymethylcytosines induced by TET2 over expression induces genomic instability and mutagenesis, particularly in the absence of TDG, a key protein in the BER pathway. We have also shown that activation of p53 by MDM2 antagonists has a deleterious and not reversible effect on all hematopoietic progenitors.

Since July 2016, I joined the OSS lab (group 1) to work on the role of CD95 cleavage in non apoptotic pathways.

Research Themes: //


Jean-Philippe Guégan


Project: //

Short Bio:
2009-2012: PhD student in EA SERAIC (University of Rennes 1, France) where I studied the involvement of the MAPK pathway in the development and progression of liver cancer.

2013-2016: Post-doctoral fellow at the Institute of Research in Immunology and Cancer (University of Montreal, Canada) where I studied the regulation of RRas GTPases by the MAPK pathway.

2016-2017: Study director, in vivo oncology, in a CRO (Porsolt, laval, France).

Since June 2017, I joined the OSS lab to work on the pro-oncogenic role of the CD95/CD95L pathway.

Research Themes: //


Lab Alumni

  • Posts-Docs

  • A. Fouqué
  • D. Sanséau
  • V. Edmond
  • M. Malleter
  • S. Tauzin
  • B. Chaigne-Delalande
  • Period

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  • 2011-2013
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  • 2010-2012
  • 2007-2009
  • Current Position

  • Engineer, Microbs, Rennes
  • Post-doc, Curie, France
  • Engineer, IGR, Paris
  • Engineer, Biosit, Rennes
  • Anna Huttenlocher Lab, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
  • Associate professor, Michael Lenardo Lab, Washington, USA

PhD Students

  • N. Khadra
  • H. Rampanarivo
  • M. Pizon
  • G. Guidicelli
  • PhD 2012
  • PhD 2012
  • PhD 2010
  • PhD 2009
  • Technical sales representative, Ozyme
  • -
  • Intern in CHU Bordeaux
  • Hospital practitioner, CHU Bordeaux

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