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Oncogene 2015

Published on july 24th, 2015 by Patrick Legembre

DR@TE Team and collaborators published a study demonstrating that Ceramide synthase 6 (CerS6) is down-regulated during epithelial to mesenchymal transition (EMT). Reduction of CerS6 expression level enhanced cell migration of breast cancer cells by decreasing in their plasma membrane fluidity. Accordingly, the Team envisioned that addition of low amounts of C16-ceramide to chemotherapy may turn out to be a therapeutic option to prevent metastatic dissemination in breast cancer patients.

Publication: Edmond V, Dufour F, Poiroux G, Shoji K, Malleter M, Fouqué A, Tauzin S, Rimokh R, Sergent O, Penna A, Dupuy A, Levade T, Theret N, Micheau O, Ségui B, Legembre P. Oncogene. 2015.
Patent: PCT/EP2015/050154